“Stories are more than the memories; it is being part of the
moment when they are shared that makes you feel alive.”

“It's exciting to be part of rediscovering stories
that go beyond work or someone's career”

“Being here is about living, and living well.”

“The Australian bush is a very special thing for me.”

“Since moving from Sydney, I was inspired by the beauty
of this natural environment. That's why I got involved
with Landcare - to help keep it like this.”

"We love volunteer work beause some people are lonely. We are always interested in their life's journey."

“One hundred per cent of people who call the Adventist Senior Living Retirement villages home say they would recommend to others our Christian outlook, our facilities and services, the kindness of our carers and staff and the friendliness of our extended community. Our residents say living here feels like they are home among friends. And that’s how we like it.”

- David Knight, Chief Executive Officer, Adventist Senior Living, NSW