Welcome to the 90’s!

What a night of fun and merriment as we welcome our newest members to the 90’s club at Jewells Lifestyle Community.

Happy Birthday to all our nonagenarians – you are all so inspiring. Love the history lessons you share!

Home Care may surprise you

Home Care can take YOU places…and it may be more affordable than you think!

Adventist Senior Living Home Care – you may be surprised where it can take you!

Neville Tosen is a lifetime cricket fan. Through his Adventist Senior Living Home Care package he was treated to a day at the cricket. “It was a great day, except that Australia lost”, Mr Tosen said.


8km of walking trails

Our walking trails just got a facelift…

With more than 8km of walking trails around the Avondale Lifestyle Community precinct, plus a brand new graded track extension, there are now more reasons than ever to strap on those joggers and get your fit on! Walking for miles and miles….take a stroll and see where the morning takes YOU.