Our Story

Adventist Senior Living proudly serves the needs of older Australians in locations across northern New South Wales.

From just North of the Hawkesbury and Capertee Rivers to just South of the Queensland border at Tweed Heads in NSW, Adventist Senior Living offers a safe haven, quality care, community and spiritual connection to all seniors.  Adventist Senior Living provides residential aged care facilities and lifestyle communities on the Southern shores of Lake Macquarie, the suburbs of Newcastle and Alstonville and Tweed Heads in the far north coast of NSW.

All part of our mission to serve and provide person-centred care and support based on Christian principles. Adventist Senior Living has been in existence since 1960 and operates as a not for-profit company under the umbrella of the North NSW Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Adventist Senior Living is governed by a Board of Directors who are committed to providing a service to older Australians that is strategic and sustainable in its approach while remaining aligned to the mission and vision of Adventist Senior Living.

The governance and management team at Adventist Senior Living work together to develop strategic plans that flow into the Business Plan for the organisation.


From its conception as a health retreat in 1889, Adventist Senior Living has intentionally progressed to serve the needs of its community

Adventist Senior Living has developed from its beginnings as the Avondale Health Retreat which opened as a small hospital in 1889, to the Charles Harrison Memorial Nursing Home which opened on 16 August 1964 moving the facilities focus to caring for older Australians and later the Adventist Retirement Complex opening as Kressville Home Units housing 12 people which officially opened on 9th October 1964.

The Charles Harrison Memorial Home was named after Dr Charles Harrison who was the Superintendent of the Sydney Adventist Sanitarium (now known as the Sydney Adventist Hospital) from 1926.  He trained in the United States as a surgeon and was Professor of Anatomy at Loma Linda teaching hospital in California and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Since this time, Adventist Senior Living has grown to an organisation comprising 3 aged care facilities and 5 retirement lifestyle communities as well as a growing home care service, with the organisation now housing and caring for more than 1,200 people.

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