No matter who you are or what you enjoy, you will find your perfect retirement fit at any of our five vibrant and connected independent living communities across Northern NSW.

Self Care with Adventist Senior Living

  • 24-hour emergency call service
  • Access to medical or care services
  • Maintenance of buildings and villas
  • Gardening of all common areas
  • Pest control
  • Fire equipment monitoring and maintenance
  • No council rates
  • No taxes and statutory costs
  • Garbage removal and waste management
  • No water rates
  • No stamp duties
  • Games and activities room

Our Locations


Avondale Lifestyle Community rests in the foothills of the Watagan Mountains, nestled between Newcastle and the Central Coast, minutes from beautiful Lake Macquarie.


Snuggled between Ballina and Lismore on the Far North Coast, Alstonville Lifestyle Community is surrounded by rolling hills and fresh country air.


Sitting between the lake and the sea, with the Newcastle CBD just a skip away, Jewells Lifestyle Community offers the luxury of prime location with spacious living.

Wyee Point

Framed by the beauty of Lake Macquarie and blissful bushland reserve, independent living at Wyee Point Lifestyle Community is perfect for escaping the everyday and exploring the great outdoors.

Tweed Heads

Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, year-round sunshine and convenient access to a host of local amenities at Tweed Heads Lifestyle Community, a stone’s throw from Coolangatta Beach.

Available Villas

Joining any one of our Lifestyle Community Villages is simple.

  1. Book an appointment to view a villa
  2. Pay a deposit to secure a villa
  3. Complete and sign a contract.

The contract allows for a 90-day cooling off period and a guaranteed refund if you do not wish to proceed.

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The ASL Way

The ASL Way

We remember why.

We show up for every moment

It starts with genuine care, integrity and playing our part in a team that really needs us. But it can’t stop there. It’s about being aware and present in every moment we can, for the people we serve and those we serve alongside.

We all lead. We all serve.

At ASL, serving isn’t demeaning and leadership isn’t a prize. They are a great responsibility and a true privilege. And here, they go hand in hand.

We treat others as we'd like to be treated.

We deal in respect and kindness for all, especially when they’re hard to find. We never fully know what someone’s going through, so we offer patience and grace.

We lean in and on

Every day brings new challenges, and moments we didn’t expect. We embrace them. We jump in to make the day and night work. And we ask for support when we need it – Everyone needs help sometimes.

We are open and honest.

Apart from anything else, being open and honest gives the impression of authenticity and integrity, essential foundations for true collaboration. This will result in a mutual understanding and respect for a difference in views, interests and needs.

Discover the joys of independent living with us. We understand that retirement goes way beyond bricks and mortar.

It’s about finding services you can rely on and a community that nourishes you as you continue to live life the way you like to. At any of our 5 villages, stretching from the shores of Lake Macquarie to the Far North Coast of NSW, you will find a community that makes your life richer as you explore new possibilities, and enjoy the benefits of security, low maintenance, fun and friendship on a daily basis.

For added peace of mind, our Lifestyle Communities offer outstanding social, domestic and medical support you can rely on – whether you require it now or just enjoy the comfort of knowing you can call on it later.

Across our Lifestyle Communities, we operate three residential aged care facilities that provide 163 beds for those in need of extra assistance. It is all part of the service and support offered by Adventist Senior Living as part of our mission to provide person-centred care based on Christian principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Independent living is life as you know it now, with the added security of community, low maintenance homes, support services and facilities all designed to encourage you in your most senior years to remain socially active and connected. You choose how much, or how little, activity or support you want.

When you purchase a villa in an Adventist Senior Living village, you will be granted a right of residence in that particular villa during the term of the license. You will not own the title to the property, but you can enjoy full use of all the village amenities for as long as you reside with us.

No. You are purchasing a license to live in the villa, rather than the villa itself. With this in mind, only the person(s) listed on the contract may reside in the villa.

The cost to live in an Adventist Senior Living retirement village varies depending on the villa location and the villa age.

You may reserve a villa with a $1,000 fully-refundable deposit. Should you opt to customise your villa before you move in, your upfront deposit is increased to $5,000.

All residents pay a weekly recurrent fee, which may vary by village and villa size. The recurrent fee covers services such as building maintenance, building insurance, gardening of common areas and lawn maintenance, council rates, garbage removal, water rates and usage.

Yes. The Retirement Villages Act (NSW) governs conduct and contractual arrangements of all retirement villages in New South Wales and is administered by the NSW Fair Trading.

Additionally, state legislation requires all villages to create rules and regulations that encourage harmonious coexistence between residents. While not a mandatory requirement, a Residents Committee plays an important role in establishing these rules, facilitating communication between residents and the Village Manager, working to enhance your independent living experience. The Residents Committee represents the interests of all residents. Committee members are nominated and elected by residents annually.

Choosing an Adventist Senior Living Lifestyle Community allows you to live independently and happily in your most senior years, with new opportunities for social connection, friendship, laughter and wellness in homes designed to age with you. Feel safe and secure in a community that not only looks out for each other, but also provides quick access to emergency services if ever needed.

No. We acknowledge and respect spiritual diversity and faith in all of our Lifestyle Communities. The Seventh-day Adventist organisation welcomes everyone, regardless of race, creed, or religion. Our mission is to serve people and our focus is on providing person-centred care and support based on Christian principles. We are, quite simply, people caring for people.

You can make some alterations to the interior or exterior of your villa at your cost, once given approval by the Village Manager. When making alterations, you will have to abide with policies in place to protect the aesthetic quality and integrity of the Lifestyle Community.

No. As you are purchasing a license to live in the villa (rather than the title to own the property), your villa will be returned to Adventist Senior Living after your occupancy. Any incoming resident must enter into a new contract with Adventist Senior Living.

Yes, absolutely. We encourage residents to maintain strong relationships with their family and friends. Visitors or short-stay guests are welcome at any time – we just ask that you let the Village Manager know to expect some new faces around the complex. If your guest is to stay longer than two weeks, you must seek written consent from the Village Manager.

We recognise that this may happen from time to time and allow a 90-day settling in period for you to change your mind. In the event that you do wish to vacate your villa within the 90-day period, you are entitled to a refund of your purchase price, less payment of a fair market rent for the time your villa was occupied, costs for any alterations you may have chosen to make to the villa during the period of your stay, and any associated solicitor costs.

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